The Sacred Chronicles: Wild Dreams

The fourth floor is quiet and secluded. Only Mesmur and Anigma are in the last room on the left. Anigma is stretched out on the floor with his arms acting like a pillow to his head. Mesmur stares at the window watching the birds chirping to one another on branches while a couple of squirrels play chase with each other next to her window.

“So how long are you going to be my body guard?” Mesmur keeps staring at the life outside the glass.

“Until we know for sure that those pesky were-lions won’t try anything to steal you back,” Anigma arches his head up at her.

Like what you are reading so far? You can read more of the book- The Sacred Chronicles: Wild Dreams on Amazon and Kindle books. It is available on ebook and paperback. Just look for this image cover above.


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