Twas the night before Christmas…

And all through the house. Not a creature were stirring. Not even a mouse…. until you jump up out of bed and realize that you have forgotten stocking stuffers. Good thing Amazon, Barnes and nobles, kobos and other retailers online have great deals on books such as these:

And a Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night:)

Octoberfest: 16 Days Til Halloween

Have you ever looked up from your busy schedule and notice that time has flew by and it is already October? If you are like me, you probably noticed that your dog needs some food too.

And then you realize that it is 16 days til Halloween and you don’t even know what to get your favorite ghoul for Halloween. Don’t worry. I have you covered. Short read books make excellent gifts to throw at that favorite psycho in your life.

Just pick from any of these short read books or books similar to them at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, 24symbols, apple books, Kobo books, playster, or scribd.

Support your Indie Author today because together we make dreams come true:)

Ebook Sale for $0.99 Now – August 16

Sale at Barnes and Nobles, 24dymbols, apple books, Kobo books, playster and scribd on the following books:

Ghost Games -click here for more details:

The Crystal In The Castle- click here for more details:

The Other Side Of Me- click here for more details:

The Sacred Chronicles: Wild Dreams- click here for more details:

Coming Soon to ebooks and paperback:

Midnight Train Ride- A collection of short stories.

Bring Fire And Ice- A collection of poetry.

A Dark Wood Carol- A story about a battered woman and her small child struggling to free themselves from a toxic relationship only to make a treaty with magical creatures from the woods.